Saturday, October 8, 2011

WBLS Investigation Continues on Oct. 19

The City Council has called for a special meeting at 8 p.m. Oct. 19 in City Hall Library to continue its investigation into funding for an Aug. 1, 2010 "Town Meeting" broadcast by WBLS live from Plainfield.

In testimony on Sept. 21, former City Administrator Bibi Taylor recounted being pressured by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs to come up with $20,000 in city funds two days before the event, which featured an appearance by The Rev. Al Sharpton. Later, the mayor alleged the cost was offset by a bank's $15,000 donation, even though the Investors Savings Bank contribution was tabbed for July 4 fireworks, not the radio broadcast.

Taylor spoke in open session at the Sept. 21 meeting, while Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson chose to meet with the council in closed session. Still to be interviewed are the mayor, Purchasing Agent David Spaulding and former Acting Chief Finance Officer Sandra Cummings. All were subpoenaed by the council through investigative powers detailed in the city's special charter.



  1. Last night there was a Democratic Committee meeting for the city. Absent was our do nothing mayor. She knew some hard questions were going to come her way about things she should be doing for the city, but has refused to do, thus forcing the city to lose millions of dollars. When will we rid ourselves of this albatross around our necks.

  2. What will be interesting is will Reid, Rivers and Greaves continue to participate in the cover up by voting no to add more money to the attorney. Remember it was the mayor who refused to answer questions early on and avoided being served her subpoena that is causing this investigation to be dragged on.

  3. When will Plainfield residents wise up and oust them all. But they are Democrats, they must be good....... We can only vote for them.... Robots!