Saturday, October 29, 2011

'sNo Treat for Northeast

Mother Nature's mischief - an early snowstorm - is likely to keep things calm on this pre-Halloween weekend, although the city has issued a curfew notice and public safety advisory.

Netherwood Heights Neighbors sent Plaintalker a poster that can be placed in a window if your household is not welcoming visitors. The October holiday took on a really scary tone a few years ago when a man was assaulted and vandals attacked some homes. Former Councilman Rashid Burney worked with city officials and neighborhood groups to improve public safety on Mischief Night and Halloween and the effort continues with measures outlined here:


The Plainfield Department of Public Safety wishes to advise all city residents to be especially watchful for any signs of abnormal activity regarding Halloween Festivities during the weekend of October 29, 30, and 31, 2011.

City Residents are asked to observe a voluntary juvenile curfew of 9:00 pm during the entire weekend. Additionally, parents and guardians are advised to accompany their children during any "Trick or Treating" ventures. It is strongly recommended that those activities cease by 8:30 pm on Halloween Night.

On Halloween weekend, extra Public Safety Personnel will be patrolling the city in both marked and unmarked vehicles. Residents are advised to immediately contact the police if they encounter any activity that is a cause for concern.

As Public Safety Director, I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Be assured, both our police and fire divisions will work diligently to prevent or address any challenges to an orderly festive event. The public's support and cooperation, as always, is the key component to the success of our mission.


Martin R. Hellwig


The snowstorm may change the focus to watching out for downed wires due to heavy, wet snow as the storm continues overnight. One news outlet is already inviting readers to make up a name for the storm, in the new tradition of "Snowpocalypse" and "Snowmageddon."

Whoops! A big branch just fell in our driveway! Be careful, dear readers!


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  1. The curfew should be year round....but, on that note...Happy Halloween Weekend Bernice ( my favorite holiday ) and enjoy what we in the Adirondacks simply called...Fall.