Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HPC Discusses Van Wyck Brooks Home

I went to listen to the proceedings at the Historic Preservation Commission meeting tonight, but did not take notes. Dan, who posted an advance on the meeting, did take notes, so maybe he will file a blog post on it.

The big issue was supposed to be renovations at the Van Wyck Brooks home that is now a 10-unit multi-family building in need of many repairs. In public comment Tuesday, members of the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District association deplored both the owner's proposal to repair failing windows as well as prior actions taken without seeking the HPC's input. Some speakers felt the owners had deliberately dodged HPC requirements and were suspicious that more of the same was to come. After a long discussion, the commission agreed to adjourn the matter to its Dec. 13 meeting, by which time the owner will have secured estimates for various kinds of repairs.

I'm sure Dan will tell you more either tomorrow or before the December HPC meeting.

Plainfield has six residential historic districts. To learn more about the Van Wyck Brooks district, click here.


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