Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Berry is New City Administrator

Former Trenton Business Administrator Eric Berry won City Council approval Monday to become Plainfield's city administrator.

Berry will earn $125,000 and residency will be waived. He starts on Monday, Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson said.

Berry was the seventh business administrator since July 2010 in Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's administration. He took a job with the state Division of Local Government Services after resigning from the Trenton municipal post, according to the Star-Ledger. He will be the eighth person to sit it the city administrator's seat here since 2006.

Under the city's special charter, there are three departments that report to the city administrator. They are Public Affairs & Safety, Public Works & Urban Development and Administration, Finance, Health & Social Services. All city divisions, such as Recreation, Inspections, Police and Fire, report to the department heads.

Plaintalker wishes Mr. Berry good luck as he takes over day-to-day operations of the city on Monday.



  1. why is his residency waived? maybe if the people who are responsible for running the city lived here, they might be more apt to try to improve things since they too would experience what the rest of us victims do.

  2. I hope he lives in NJ as C. Christie just signed into law that ALL public employees hired after Sept. 2011 have to live in New Jersey.