Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Voting by Wards

Plainfield's turnout at the polls Tuesday -3,981 of 20,738 registered voters - comes out to 19 percent.

Ward by ward, the turnout varies. In the First Ward, 865 people voted out of a possible 4,789, for a turnout of 18 percent. In the Second Ward, 1,420 of 6,095 registered voters came out, for 23 percent. Of 5,801 registered Third Ward voters, 1,216 went to the polls, for a turnout 0f 21 percent. The Fourth Ward had 4,051 eligible voters, but only 480 voted, for a turnout of 12 percent.

Only First, Second and Fourth ward voters had to make a City Council choice this year, but residents in all wards could vote for three Union County freeholders, one State Senator and two State Assembly representatives.

Democrats won all those seats, but city voters apparently differentiated between Assemblyman Jerry Green, who is also the Democratic Party chairman, and his running mate, Assemblywoman Linda Stender, favoring Stender by 381 votes. In District 22 overall, Stender edged over Green by 732 votes.

Unofficial results citywide by ward and district are posted here, for those who like to look at numbers.

On to 2012! The Third Ward and Citywide at-large council seats are up. Filing will be in April, primary contests in June and the general election in November. And of course, the not-so-small matter of the presidential election. Locally, 2013 is the year that has prognosticators guessing their best. Voters will be asked to choose a mayor and a Fourth Ward representative, as well as one state Senate and two state Assembly officeholders. Predictions already abound. Is there an app for that?



  1. Wow! I had hopes for Van Pelt, but it's obvious that the voting majority of Plainfielders had another color in mind, Green! And so, we will move forward, or will we?

  2. Keeping It Real... if the New Dems didn't have the sense or conviction to support Van Pelt what hope was there for the average Plainfield voter. Sad really. Moving forward in Plainfield is glacial at best when it does occur. A bunch of people afraid of succeeding.

  3. Rob: I completely agree!