Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Visitors on Block 832

This group of Black Vultures came around our block Friday to do a little "shopping" in the Dumpsters behind the apartments next door.

Black Vultures are supposed to feed on carrion, but a neighbor on the block says they are not above stealing cat food that she puts out for the feral felines. Somebody from the apartments set down some holiday scraps for the cats and one of the Black Vultures hopped right over to dig in.

These guys are quite large, with an impressive wing span. In 20 years here I never saw Black Vultures in the neighborhood and I don't know how they picked our block as a hangout - just one of Mother Nature's little surprises.



  1. When my daughter and I were walking to school on Wednesday we saw these same birds on a house in North Plainfield. One stood and spread his wings, seemingly stretching. It was a stunning sight, but unfortunately I could not get my cell phone out fast enough to snap a picture.

  2. Neetoh
    You're the best Miss Bernice with these pictures
    Thanks for your blogs