Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scary Times

There have been times when I felt attending City Council meetings was deleterious to my mental health.

Incivility, misrepresentation, mendacity ... it's hard to stomach when you see it in elected officials.

My stomach responded Tuesday with a case of agita that wouldn't quit.

But because it was no doubt psychosomatic, there was no point in going to the local doc-in-a-box.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior in those we rely on to run things is not confined to the local level.

Reporters and bloggers can only document it. It is up to the people at large to call b.s. and demand that those charged with governance live up to their oaths of office.

Can I get an amen? And a cup of peppermint tea?



  1. Sharon was put in office by the Good Ole Boy himself..Jerry. Jerry's fan base includes knee-jerk liberals, blind party voters, morons, half wits, and those he has on the public dole. Reid, Rivers and Greaves are in their offices because....Jerry put them there.
    Civility will not come until the most uncivil is removed. Will it happen ??? No.
    People like Councilor Mapp will choke on their morals before even thinking about crossing party lines to endorse anyone who isn't on THE party line. Because they somehow think some half-wit blow hard politician from Plainfield NJ is going A) End Women's Rights to choose, B) Sell the City of Plainfield to them their banker folk, C) End Social Security, D) End Welfare, E) End Gay Rights Advances, F) Deport Illegal Aliens, G) End Public Housing, H) End Minimum Wage.
    Yes..for all the above things I get on my knees an pray to the Lord above how thankful I am that Jerry Green...the linchpin to individual rights and social programs for the United States of America and a model to all of the western world is in office. Try this. He's a nobody who uses his influence the only place he can...PLAINFIELD. What's it gotten ya??

  2. Jerry did put Sharon in our midst, but I don't think he'd do it again. Sharon must go, as she has brought more shame on Plainfield by being the worst and most distrusted mayor in New Jersey. Why can't we get a recall petition going with this waste of a mayor. Maybe we need an exorcist. I'd love to see Sharon's head spin around. LOL

  3. Recalling Sharon is a great idea. Unfortunately, according to the city charter (if I'm not mistaken) to hold a recall election requires 1/3 of registered voters to sign a petition calling for it. This would mean gathering nearly 7000 signatures, a daunting task without a large number of volunteers behind it. Since the petition would be a public document, Jerry and Sharon would be able to review it and respond to individuals who signed it in a threatening manner. Thus, there would be a significant disincentive for many people who might otherwise consider signing. Then there are the vast number of uninformed voters who are not aware of what is happening in City Hall and would see no reason to sign. Finally, if the petition succeeded, there would need to be a special election with a simple majority voting for recall to succeed. It could be done, but I think we would need a dedicated organization of at least 100 people along with thousands of dollars for publicity. How many are willing to "sign up" for such an organization and its monumental task? Jerry and Sharon have been able to hold power in this city by capitalizing on both ignorance and fear. Also, throw in the disinformation that both are alleged to routinely dispense. I am not optimistic about a recall effort succeeding.

  4. Mr. Pivnichny, why are you assuming that Mr. Green would be against it? he lives here too.

  5. In response to "Anonymous", I am disappointed that you chose to respond as such. Perhaps it confirms my statement about Mr. Green using fear as a controlling tactic. I hope not. That being said, I acknowledge that I may be too pessimistic with regard to the issue of recall, but even if we take Mr. Green out of the picture, we still need a lot of volunteers doing a lot of work. If any of the readers of this blog wish to get involved, please let me know directly at Could this be the start of something big?

  6. Hmmm...Bernice...regarding is never my intention (if you are referring to me) to be uncivil. I have raised my voice at times in meetings, mostly borne out of frustration and anger at the lies and obfuscations and obstructionism that I see coming from the administration. I am deeply concerned about the incompetence, willful dishonesty, and total lack of regard for the residents of this city, many of whom are suffering. I have received some constructive criticism about my temperament--my inability to "contain" myself at the times when I show visible anger--usually it happens when I hear outright lies. I hate lying, so when someone does it to my face (even when he or she frames it with a fake smile and the veneer of politeness), that individual has to be called out publicly. Perhaps I am not cut out for council--I will try to display my dispassionate mask from now on, but the constant lying by some people will make it difficult.


  7. WOW Rebecca,

    "my inability to "contain" myself"

    "Perhaps I am not cut out for council"

    No reason to stay, RESIGN!

  8. Stupidity and incompetence is one thing. Incivility you talk about is yet something else.

    The national Republican level extreme incivility against Obama each and every day.

    The local New Democrats have taken up many Republican tactics including a Limbaugh-like figure in Damon.

    Thus, Republican-copied incivility comes naturally. It is shrouded and portrayed as impatience for incompetence, and a passion for the city from the pure-of-heart.

    It is not. It is raw hatred.

    With the New Democrat controlled Council, the chickens have come home to roost.

  9. Wait a minute - Bernice complains about incivility at Council meeting and Rebecca raises her hand and confesses!?! Then, rather than apologizing, she blames the liars? Remember when she called Rashid a liar because he said she once held a $50,000 a year job with the City and it turned out she held a $52,000 a year job with the City?) Enough with the blah blah blah Rob and Bob and Jim and Anonymous. Enough with the peppermint tea, Bernice. WHAT DID SHE DO? (Rebecca's such a Dynasty episode!)

  10. No Rebecca, don't listen to 7:19PM!!! Don't resign.

    We want vile behavior. We want people without the temperament to be council people. We don't want anything done at Council meetings done. We love Plainfield the way it is. Let crime continue to go up. Keep taxing us.

    But please....keep the fight going.

    At least we get some entertainment value from this. Maybe we could have PPV Council meetings. Rebecca and Adrian would be the stars.

    Think about it. Plainfield could have it's own reality show. One of them could even become the Plainfield "situation".

    Wow..that would be cool. Way to go Rebecca!!!

  11. Hold on, hold on everyone, it's not Rebecca's fault, she is always the victim.

  12. Bernice - what happened in Council meeting that gave you the agita?

  13. @2:59 p.m.: This is by no means the first occasion I have seen in covering city government since the early '80s when elected officials have let personal issues get in the way of governance, but for some reason I have never gotten totally able to brush it off - maybe because I am one of residents who are affected by spats and payback when there is a city to run.
    It was perhaps the contrast between those who take their oaths of office seriously and those who appear not to. We have a corollary in the way the Republican Party at the national level would apparently rather play tricks and score points on President Obama than behave collegially in the face of a looming global crisis. Sure, the city can lurch on without a highly qualified person in charge of day-to-day affairs. But at what price?
    I would like to hear from people who watch the meetings on television. Do you feel confidence or concern?

  14. Was it the Nov 1, Agenda Session? does anyone know when this is on television?

  15. It was the Nov. 1 special meeting:

    I don't know when it will be on TV.