Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Budget Transfers Approved at Special Meeting

Budget transfers, including funding for former Acting City Administrator David Kochel to serve as a consultant through Dec. 21, won approval at Monday's special meeting.

The resolution calls for $18,000 in funds for salary and wages from the City Administrator's budget line to be split, with $15,000 going to "other expenses" for the office and $3,000 funding additional staff expenses in .the mayor's office.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has also agreed to let Kochel consult with City Council committees. On Nov. 1, she had suggested instead that committee members sit in on daytime cabinet meetings, which council members said was impossible due to work schedules.

The resolution also transferred $10,000 from the Information Technology "other expense" line to salary and wages, with no explanation of the need.

Kochel was on hand in his new role as consultant for the special meeting and an agenda-fixing session.

The mayor had named Al Restaino, director of Administration, Finance, Health & Social Services, acting city administrator for the two weeks before former Trenton Assistant Business Administrator Eric Berry is expected to become city administrator. His nomination will be up for City Council advice and consent on Nov. 21.


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