Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Plainfield

Old hippies are perhaps my favorite demographic. So the sight of this van on East Front Street entranced me. A long-haired elder dude was strolling away from it toward Park Avenue, so I was free to gawk.

The kayak on top was interesting, as were the California plates.

Two pretty birds in a cage occupied the passenger seat. An exotic contrast to the "Bill's Luncheonette" sign reflected in the window. No organic alfalfa sprouts in there, dear visitor.

Mmmm ... a bike named "Surly" with Python tires. Not my usual downtown sight by a long shot.

I finished my voyeuristic activity just as the owner was returning. By coincidence, I had just taken Ken Kesey's book about the Magic Bus "Furthur" out of the Plainfield Public Library and had been enjoying the photos of Neal Cassady. Some era.

I smiled and wondered what brought this visitor to Plainfield and what he thought of this stop on his road trip, too shy to ask. For me, it was a bit of time travel back to the days of paisley and patchouli. And beautiful downtown Plainfield was just that, if only for a moment.


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  1. Bernice, the retired reporter....too shy to ask. You caused me to pause and grin at the irony of that. LOL. I am sharing your page with a modern day "hippie" / "love-child" in my life who means the world to me...she will enjoy your photos of the van and perhaps your blog as well. She is very active in the blogosphere...thanks for sharing Bernice.