Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Doc Hits a Nerve

Dr. Yood mentioned the high volume of comments on his recent post about Rashid Burney's statement and I went back to take a look. This is a very high response rate for a hyperlocal blog. Click here to read the comments and/or go back to OldDoc's blog to read the whole thing.



  1. All I can say is cheers, Rashid. I for one don't believe in being hypocritical. As someone who campaigned in the 2nd Ward for Tony Rucker, all I heard from New Democrats was that Jerry Green was the Devil. No facts, lots of conjecture and to see them campaigning for the Devil is just obviously self serving and frankly, scary.

    In the words of my man Dennis Green (NFL Coach) "They were who you thought they were...."

    Well done Rashid. Thanks for pointing out the obvious for those who can see...

  2. As with Rashid, nice to see you back Dwayne. You both add a welcomed dynamic to the conversation. Our city needs the moderation that you both provide as we are lacking leadership that can build bridges and form consensus to get things done.

    A good example of this is the legislation the Council recently passed. I was pleased to see the Councilors join together and move the ordinances forward, though I am afraid it may all be a mirage as their really isn't anyone to moderate their differences.

    As far as your comments about Tony Rucker's recent candidacy, one of the comments on Doc's blog stated that Tony and Cory "had different ideas on how to serve their community". Well they really had similar ideas if you recall, the difference was the line they ran on.

    Enough said about that. . . .

    jim spear

  3. We all know that Tony Rucker is Jerry's lap dog and no matter how much he protests against that, he and Sharon have that in common. Sometimes we have to deal with the devil to get some good, so grow up and get real.

    Bob Bolmer

  4. Geez Bob you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about. I can not even believe Bernice post your rhetoric.