Friday, November 11, 2011

Real or Phony?

Somebody left two comments on the last WBLS investigation post, both supposedly in favor of the mayor but with spelling and grammar errors. The last time I posted a similar comment, a reader took me to task for publishing them, apparently deeming the wording to be deliberately misspelled as some kind of slur.

So, dear readers, the writer left two comments on the WBLS investigation suggesting that I will censor them because they support the mayor. Judge for yourself:

"Yeah Sharon Miss Mayor Good for you I know they dont post this because I agree with you this site be censored like you dont know"

"It is a total waits of time leaves the mayor aloan she dos good for the city she do good for the communisty why when is support the mayor youall take my stuph downs"

What are we seeing here? A comment in good faith or trickery?



  1. You know that they are contrived to make it appear that those who support the Mayor are illiterate. These are a product of racial bias.

  2. Doc is absolutely right. And the use of the term "Sharonda" instead of the mayor's name in some blog comments is another, if somewhat more subtle, indicator of the same kind of bias.