Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday Walkabout

As usual, a walk downtown and back yielded some interesting sights on Thursday.
I was pleased to see that the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority is hoping to get people to sort their discarded items. This new container was on Park Avenue in a block heavily traversed by students and others who buy lots of snacks and drinks. Let's hope recycling bottles and cans catches on!
The fancy lettering had me puzzling over the signage at new apartments on Park Avenue. If they meant to say "Celtics Apartments," the extra "t" in Celtics could have been applied to "apartment." Or if they said "Celtic Apartments" and left out the extra "e" ... whatever.
Are these fake date palms? Is "Chao Mein" a Guatemalan dish? This new restaurant is eye-catching not just for the greenery and the menu, but for a very attractive interior.
Behind the scenes on Park Avenue, a lot of work is taking place on the former Thomas Furniture building. Developer Frank Cretella is planning eight apartments. Next door, he has four apartments ready for occupancy.
No sooner is graffiti covered up on Gavett Place than somebody comes along with a spray can of shocking pink paint to add more.
This North Avenue lot where a building was demolished has deep holes due to settling of fill. Now the fence is peeled back and it is even more of a liability. See more about the problem here.
Car and Bike Show Sunday! By the train station. Find out what Latin Rides are.
The beautiful Police Memorial plantings are being invaded by little weed trees, maples and lindens. Some are more than a foot tall already. I can say from experience in my garden, the sooner you pull them up, the better.
These roses are a great addition to the front of the Municipal Court building. Still in bloom with Thanksgiving on the way!



  1. I think I'd be leery of renting an apartment in a building where they don't know how to spell "apartment."

    Great shots around town!

  2. I'm replying to this late, but I know you'll see it. When I went to the train station today I noticed the replaced that torn-down fence. There is a gap a person can get through by the building, but it's not over the depths of whatever. We'll see how long it lasts!