Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bonfire

I went to Plainfield High School Friday night to see the bonfire, not so much to take part in the Homecoming Events as to see an actual bonfire.

The elemental power of fire has been used over the centuries in many diverse cultures to add a mystical dimension to an event. As I have explained in other posts, I am a sports illiterate and only have the vaguest notion of what goes on in football, but I can relate to the bonfire as a way to focus positive energy and support for the team. I think the organizers are on to something with these events to build up school spirit.

The blazing fire and sparks flying into the night sky made an impressive sight.

It also reminded me of the days long ago when autumn was marked by the smell of fires set to burn fallen leaves. My adult children are old enough to remember those days of raking up a huge pile of leaves and seeing it consumed in flames.Fire used to be a partner in many basic household and farm tasks, from warming the home to clearing fields.

Traditions come and go, but I think a bonfire for school spirit is a worthy one to bring back to Plainfield High School.


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  1. I was stuck in horrible traffic on the GSP, so I missed it--was really looking forward to seeing it. When I was a kid, I used to go (with my siblings) to my grandfather's fishing camp in Canada, where we would spend a couple of weeks in nature (outhouses, well water, etc.), with some nights ending in bonfires. Awesome--in the old sense of that word.