Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday

Yikes! Yet another merchandising ploy, Cyber Monday after Black Friday?

Actually, the name was put on a trend noticed in 2005, when online sales increased as people returned to work and used high-speed computers there to shop (see New York Times article).

Nowadays, it seems, you can run up your credit card by using an app on your IPhone to compare prices for an item and then purchase it on the spot. Employers have gotten wise to online shopping at work and people have been fired for Cyber Monday antics, so be careful out there.



  1. Whos has time to Cyber Shop here in City Hall ... Too busy Facebooking

  2. Cyber-Monday is just another invented "holiday" (like Black Thursday/Friday) that exists to separate people from their hard-earned money buying stuff that, more often than not, they don't really need--and doing it online makes it happen at a rapid pace--there is an unreality to spending money online. I wonder how much more consumer debt will be built up just with tomorrow's spending. When I think about what I really "need," versus stuff I may desire, I end up not spending any money. My focus is on saving for contingencies.