Sunday, September 13, 2015

Regarding Recent Comments

Someone commented recently on the proposed expansion of an industrial plant on West Front Street. I must admit, although I attended the Planning Board meeting at which the application was heard, I spent most of the time outside in the rotunda waiting for another topic that did not come up until after 10:30 p.m.

Anyway, this expansion is news in the industry and good news for Plainfield. Read about Montrose Molders Corp. in this Plastics News article.

Look at the Montrose Molders Corp. web site and Facebook page, if you want to learn more about the company. The Planning Board application was for a new 19,825 square foot building in addition to the existing 78,163 square foot building.

A new building means new ratables, and anything that enlivens the West Front Street industrial corridor is good news.

The commenter chided Carlos Sanchez for not attending the meeting, but he has attended many land use board meetings and community meetings after being on the job all day and if he skipped this one, I would give him a pass. Since joining the administration in early 2014, Sanchez has retained a positive demeanor despite insults from Assemblyman Jerry Green and others. Having observed cabinet members for 30 years, I find Sanchez to be putting in his best effort for Plainfield.

There is a current spike of criticism in comments on the blog, no doubt caused by upset feelings over recent events, with blame being cast on various officials including Sanchez. Part of it may also be pre-election rhetoric, which can get  pretty harsh in Plainfield. I had to hold several comments that just went too far.

Another longtime observer of the scene was laughing at me for being dismayed by the tumult, as if it hasn't already become a city hallmark to upset its own apple cart from time to time. It is difficult right now to see how or whether some current decisions make sense, but if they don't, the old adage, "This too shall pass" will undoubtedly apply not just to the turbulence, but also to the decision makers.



  1. Good thought. Are comments to give concise factual insight Or to let off steam? Thereby hangs the tale.

  2. There is political commenting and other shennanigans going on already, even for the BOE election. Some people are being presented as Jerry Green hacks when in fact they are members of the Plainfield Democratic Organization, which is definitely not a Jerry loving group. People need to research their information before the election.