Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BOE Organization is May 3

BOE Organization Meeting

Tuesday, May 3
8 p.m.
PHS Conference Room

This is when new members are sworn in
 and officers elected to  serve one year

The last one was in January
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  1. someone should tell the pervert Dan Damon that crew is spelt with a "c" rather than with a "K" as in KKK which the pervert Dan Damon wants to re-write history. KKK consisted of democrats and only democrats.

    1. sore loser!


    2. First I am sure he knows that, Second I am sure you are a Christian and lastly, please do not address topics and items that are not addressed in Bernice's blog.

      Bernice is noted for her reporting style while Dan just blogs his thoughts.

      If you want entertainment, read and respond to Dan's blog.

      If you want reporting, and a good overview of what is happening in the city, read and respond to Bernice.

      Do not clutter her blog with other nonsense.

  2. Why don't you amble on over to his blog and tell him yourself? Or you can email him at
    This blog has nothing to do with his blog except that he aggregates my content every day.

  3. Dan, does not print when one is critical of him, I have posted a few things and trust me Bernice I was not mean or nasty to him just agreeing to disagree with some of his posts and he does not allow posts that disagree with him.

    While I do not agree Plainfield has spoken, and we must adhere to the results, however I must say beware Plainfield