Monday, April 25, 2016

Mission in the Plaza and Other Downtown Sights

I walked downtown Sunday to go to the PNC Bank ATM and to take a photo of the building at 206-208 West Front Street. Hearing music, I was intrigued to see what appeared to be a religious service on the plaza of the building owned by the Union County Improvement Authority.

Turns out it is a mission of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.

In addition, there were three independent street preachers with bull horns in the vicinity.

It was quite lively altogether. The skateboarders that frequent the plaza were doing their thing as well.

Here's a closer look at the Gran Mision meeting. (Click images to enlarge)
A young man appeared to be testifying. A priest was seated in front of the mission's banner. Given someone's recent comment about store-front churches, I realized there is even another dimension to religion downtown in the open-air mission and preachers.

And here is the building whose owner received Planning Board permission Thursday for two three-bedroom apartments. As blogger Jackie noted, it used to have "The Wizard Awaits You" painted at the top of the facade. The photo reveals how the ornate, tall windows are partially covered. Plans call for restoring them to their full height.
I have not been walking around as much as I used to, due to various health issues, but even though my legs were hurting I was glad to see all the action downtown. Walking across Front Street from Park to Watchung, I also noticed more turnover in commercial occupancy. One new store offers soccer equipment, others are vacant. The fleeting promise in 2008 of a Trader Joe's in the PNC Bank building was just a tease after all.



  1. They should name that plaza the Hon. Jerry Green plaza, that should be in tribute to his many years of public service.

  2. They should name that plaza The Citizens of Plainfield Plaza, that should be in tribute to the people of Plainfield having to put up with Jerry and persevering through his selfishness and bullying.

  3. It would be a long walk, but the old O'Connors Market on Johnston[?] & E 2nd St has been knocked down .... FINALLY. Now let us clean up Terrill Rd near Cushing Rd of that dilapidated house!

  4. Progress in Plainfield.