Thursday, April 21, 2016

Garden Takes Another Hit

Very sad to see what a "landscaper" did in the yard - many plants obliterated by string trimmers, including a lot of White Star of Bethlehem.

.. Also White Columbine, with flowers that look like doves gathering.

Many irises were cut to the ground and will not bloom this year.

Oh well, tenants really have no say over what happens to the garden..C'est la vie.


  1. Very sad that there is little appreciation for nature. The pictures are still beautiful.

  2. It is so sad that most5 "Landscapers" and "Gardeners" today are no more than grass cutters with a machine. At least I can counbt5 on mine to plow the driveway.

  3. So Sad. I remember the beauty of your garden the time I visited it -- a little oasis of nature in a downtown setting. I hate to see such beauty hacked away.