Monday, April 18, 2016

Sad Sight on Cleveland Avenue

Someone created an earthen berm to deter dumping of tires and such on this Cleveland Avenue lot.
But one of the cart people has apparently staked out a claim to the place.
This assemblage is kind of heartbreaking, but not all homeless people want to be inside or under supervision. I hope this person or persons will decide to accept some help.



  1. Why does the DPW let this and other places around go this long without inspecting them and cleaning them up? What happened to the beautification committee that use to have Slap workers work with DPW to clean up messes like this?

  2. Maybe the police should hide in known drop-off sites and give large fines to those who do this. They really do negatively impact our quality of life.

    1. Give a fine to a homeless person? Yeah right , How about you let them park their carriages in your yard bob. Come on help the less fortunate of our beautiful Queen City. Mr. X

    2. Mr. X,
      I have seen first hand where the police have found permanent shelter for a woman who took up residence on the front steps of Grace Church several times over. The woman hitchhiked her way back to the steps from several cities over. How exactly do we help people who do not want to be helped? I am seriously asking - not being facetious at all. What do we do?

  3. I noticed the baby carriage people stuff there last summer. But when you have a baby carriage couple outright blatantly living in a doorway on Depot Park, those tucked away from the public aren't as noticeable.

  4. Cleveland Avenue is a hotbed for homeless person residence, drug activity, and sex trading. The police are well aware.