Sunday, April 17, 2016

Regarding the Technology Center

"Technology Center Coming Soon!"

It has a certain ring, but what does it actually mean? Does anything come "soon" in school construction/development projects? Cook School and Woodland School discussions date back to 2008. As of 2016, they are still in "scope development," according to the Schools Development Authority's website.

Will the district or the SDA be the lead agency in fixing up the one-story building on West Front Street? How much will it cost? Is any site remediation needed first?

Will it be a technology center with activities as described by the International Society for Technology in Education? The Plainfield Insider Newsletter calls it a "high Technology Center" on the front page and an "Information Technology Center" in the Board President's Message.

Is technology currently integrated into classroom learning, and if so, how would a free-standing center enhance the district? Who would attend and how would students be selected?

It will be interesting to see how this project unfolds.



  1. Under the Campbell leadership it most likely would take years before we can see a fully functional technology school there. The Campbell’s are so shandy and unethical, they made certain that the school bulletin came out right before election so to paint Wilma in a positive light, again at the expense of tax payers and our children. Our children cannot afford 15 years of the Campbell’s control. Say no to Wilma and crew and say no to the $189,000,000 budget and the $23,000,000 tax levy.

  2. The flyer was interesting in that the article included people who were not in the picture - Brown and Rivers - and Emily Morgan, clear as day, is in the picture, and her name is not mentioned.

    So, this either means that Wilma is unprofessional, and a lousy leader as she must have favorites, and excludes those on her team.

    Or, she is clueless as to what goes out with her name on it, and takes little interest in anything other than making sure her picture is in the paper.

    Either way, the kids suffer and lose.