Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Official Results Delayed

Official results of the April 19 school board election were not available Monday from the Union County Clerk's Office.

See the unofficial results here.

The numbers are lower than those I received on April 19 from City Clerk Abubakar Jalloh. His count included absentee ballots, he said.

There were some reports of irregularities at polling places, so perhaps they are still being resolved.

I will post the official results as soon as they are presented. You can also check for yourself at Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi's Election Results page.

You can now expect intensified efforts from June primary candidates. The two races are for the Citywide at-large council seat, with incumbent Councilwoman Tracey Brown running for re-election against the Democratic Party candidate, Councilwoman Rebecca Williams; and the Third Ward seat, with Alma Blanco as Brown's running mate and Charles McRae endorsed by the Democratic Party.

No Republicans filed to run for City Council seats.

Blanco offered a map on Facebook as a guide to voters, but all registered voters would have already received ballots indicating their ward and polling place for the April 19 school board election. Unregistered voters have until May 17 to register to vote in the June 7 primary. Only party members can vote in a primary. Unaffiliated voters will have to wait for the Nov. 8 general election to vote, unless they declare a party affiliation up to and including Primary Day. See information on Political Party Declaration Forms here.


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  1. Results are official now - no material changes - winners still winners.