Thursday, April 14, 2016

Women Protest Against Donald Trump Saturday in Plainfield

This is a press release

PLAINFIELD, NJ -- A group of Central New Jersey women are planning the state's first women-led protest against Donald Trump for Saturday, April 16, in Plainfield.
Organizing as "Get Up, Stand Up NJ," the nonpartisan and multicultural group will lead a march and rally featuring local speakers from a variety of backgrounds.
"We will no longer remain silent when someone is denigrating women, Muslims, immigrants, and the disabled,” said Linda McLeod, a member of the organizing committee.  
“Trump uses a public forum to undermine the sense of unity we feel as Americans.  If we don’t accept bullying in third grade, we certainly won’t accept it in candidates running for the presidency of our nation,” Ms. McLeod continued.   
The group hopes to draw women from several central Jersey communities, especially younger women who have reacted to Trump's remarks with a deep sense of shock and outrage.
"Though several of us are active in community affairs, the group is nonpartisan and non-political and has no political or party agenda," said Amelia Mapp, who will emcee the event.
Among the featured speakers will be Faheemah El-Amin. El-Amin is well known in the Plainfield area for having run the popular Faheemah's Child Care Center for many years. She is an African American and a Muslim, and will speak to how offensive Trump has been to these communities.
The march will begin at the Netherwood Train Station on South Avenue atNoon on Saturday. With police accompanying the participants, the march will move down Belvidere Avenue and then proceed eastward on East 7th Street to Terrill Road. At Terrill Road, a rally will be held with several speakers, including representatives of Latino and other immigrant communities.
Music at the rally will be provided by the band "One Step Beyond," under the leadership of Roland Washington. Attendees are invited to bring their own posters and placards. T-shirts will be available to memorialize the event.
For more information, those interested can check out the group's Facebook page (Women Against Trump) or text (908) 419-8759 for more details. 


  1. If people spend more time making things better rather than protesting about things communities would be better. I think I will have a protest against protestors.

  2. I suppose it's fine for the likes of a Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and even a Gloria Taylor to make blanket statements without pushback from groups such as the ones organizing this march. I suppose some folks get a pass on their the atrocities that come from their mouth, others don't.

    I suppose the organizing groups and their supporters approve of the disregard for U.S. immigration laws, arriving here illegaly, over-staying their visas and negatively impacting the livelihood and communities of those of us who immigrated here legally and obey the laws by which we are governed.

    I suppose supporters of this march find it acceptable to allow masses of refugees, with terrorists among them, infiltrate our country with a considerable risk of having our civil liberties impinged upon, including death. It only takes one person to wreak havoc upon us all. You just have to look at Europe, specifically Belgium and Germany, as an example what not to do, to understand what could be happening in the U.S. sometime soon if we don't start enforcing laws that are meant to protect us ALL.

    Donald Trump rallies against ILLEGAL immigration and for putting a process in place that properly vets refugees so that we don't end up on the short end of the stick.

    I don't agree with a lot of what Donald Trump says or much of what he does, however, he is the only not bound to contributors, special interest groups and lobbyists. He is saying what so many others are thinking but cannot say, Democrats and Republicans alike, because they would not have the required funds to sustain a campaign.

    I've been a registered Democrat and Independent for the majority of my adult life and now I registered as a Republican to vote for Donald Trump in the NJ primary and I know so many others who have done the same.

    I love Plainfield, I love diversity, I love my community and I love change BUT the all too non-existent common sense approach has gone by the way-side with politicians who are in it for greed, power and money and will do as they need to garner the votes.

    1. "politicians who are in it for greed, power and money and will do as they need to garner the votes."

      That describes Trump to a T, both his business dealings over the years and his new-found political wings.

  3. At least he's up front about it instead of the majority of politicians who double-speak using catchy buzz phrases like "our seniors" "our children" "our veterans" our this, our that to mask the primary objective of their operation which is to secure THEIR JOB and THEIR WALLETS as they dole out patronage jobs to their supporters. On a local level we've seen it with this administration and we've seen it with the last and on and on.

    Many times it just comes down to who the voter perceives to be the lesser of two evils.

    The Dems are no better than the Republicans, they just use slightly different tactics and strategies to accomplish the same greed driven goals.

    Dems in these parts, and elsewhere, whine about about Republicans and their selfish ways; meanwhile back at the ranch, what has the Democratic machine accomplished for Plainfield and on a greater level, for NJ, in the last several decades.

    Bottom line, they're all cut from the same cloth. Yes, yes they are.

    1. Ditto..... Be careful or you will be labeled a hater or racist if you do not agree with the democrats.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more. Me thinks that Alan doth project too much!!

      Trump is not bought and paid for like Hillary is by the likes of Goldman Sachs, the rest of Wall Street, those who have contributed The Clinton Foundation ( many Middle Eastern countries that practice female mutilation for starters) and the rest of her Super Pacs. Need I say more.

      Hillary and Bill are despicable people with a track record of sorted corrupt dealings not to mention Bill Clinton's abusive sexual escapades that Hillary has enabled over the last 40 years. He is arguably a rapist!! His pension for under aged girls and his romps down on Jeffrey Epstein's Orgy Island are disgusting. Hillary's disgraceful display along with Bill De Blasio about CP Time last Saturday night would never have been tolerated had that been a GOP candidate. Look at the double standard of hypocrisy that these Democrats choose to ignore all the while as these women "don't like" what Trump says about illegals. I can't even take them seriously. They don't look at the facts and chase sound bites that fit their agenda. Where is their outrage at Bill Clinton and Hillary's attempt over the years to discredit all of these women who have come out against her husband and yet these same women who are marching on Saturday stand their with their arms wide open for 2 of the biggest hypocrites one who is a past President and the other who now feels she is entitled to be President.

      Get the facts ladies before you send your crusades through the streets of Plainfield on Saturday.

    3. yes, they are indeed. The Clinton's being some of the worst offenders between their Goldman Sachs, Wall Street affiliations, their donors to The Clinton Foundation in return for favors (many who are from Middle Eastern countries that practice female mutilation), to their Super Pacs. They are currently two of the highest paid for politicians out there today.

    4. Yes, they are indeed. The Clinton's being some of the worst offenders between their Goldman Sachs, Wall Street affiliations, their donors to The Clinton Foundation in return for favors (many who are from Middle East countries that practice female mutilation), to their Super Pacs.

  4. Geezzzz, all you anonymous ones just don’t get it – this isn’t about Hilary or Bernie or Bill, this is about how the person who wants to be the President of our country degrades women.

    You’re so caught up in your own righteousness that you have lost your sight.

    1. Jim, no lost of sight, only pointing out the obvious. Anonymous or not, the sentiment is still the same, some get a pass and some don't.

      The self-righteousness to which you refer depends on which side of the fence you sit. You have often been quite outspoken on issues, however, I wouldn't categorize you as righteous. You are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else.

      Contrary to what you may think, it is about Hill and Bernie, much less so Bill. None of them is beyond reproach. Each one of them has been questionable in what they've said or done on numerous occasions, only people choose to be selective in what they hear and see.

      Bottom line, lots of Dems tired of the same 'ol -- hugs, kisses, big smiles and kumbaya only go so far. I believed in hope and change 8 years ago, then 4 years ago (voted 2x for Obama) and I'm still hoping for change 8 years later. Some things are better, a lot of things are not. Hill and Bernie are more of the same, if not worst.

      Just my humble opinion.