Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bicycle Racers Coming on June 26

Hundreds of bicycle racers may be tooling around downtown Plainfield on Sunday, June 26 when the The New Jersey State Bicycle Championships-Criterium takes place here.

New Jersey State Bicycle Championships

See the flyer with route, fees, field limits, number of registrants and categories.

The proposed course starts at City Hall, 515 Watchung Ave., and goes north on Watchung Avenue turning west on East Front Street, south on Park Avenue and across East Seventh Street back to Watchung Avenue, ending at City Hall. The City Council approved the street and sidewalk encroachments in May (Resolution R-167-16). The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is also a Facebook page on the championship race.



  1. What a great coupe for Plainfield!!! It is always great to expose our city to those people who do not live here.

    Plainfield's reputation of being a city filled with crime and dilapidated homes is so old it has cobwebs on it. More and more people are coming here and being pleasantly surprised by what they see.

    Having an event like this is great for our city and great for our businesses.

  2. How are residence going to get in and out of there homes? How are they going to get to church?

  3. OMG Who did the City plan an event without going to the SID first? Does the Mayor not respect the merchants? Where is are people going to park that work downtown? New Jersey Transit did not get a notice that you were closing down the train station area all day. People getting off the train,how are they going to drive out of the lot,and how am I going to be able to park and get to the train?

  4. I think you may be mistaken 11:26am. I believe the city went to each of the merchants to tell them about the event. I say that because I believe some merchants, who are not normally open on Sunday will be open.

    Also, there has been advertising about this - people need to make alternate arrangements. This is good for the city, and I am willing to be inconvenienced for a few hours for once in my life to bring good press and money to the merchants.

  5. The negative posts on this event are really ridiculous - they are so silly and make so many assumptions. Is it that difficult for people to ask questions or do some investigating on their own - or even better, look at the bright side of an event and see the benefits to the city? So silly and sadly so common.