Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vigil for Orlando

Friday's vigil for the victims of the Orlando shootings was well-attended. People held candles as numerous speakers condemned the crime and called for peace and love for the LGBT population.

All the speeches were very eloquent and moving. I did not take notes, just photos.
The crowd assembles in the plaza in front of City Hall.
Some wore tie-dye rainbow shirts or other expressions of gay pride and solidarity.
Chief of Staff John Stewart was the master of ceremonies.
City Hall was decorated with a rainbow flag for the occasion.
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
Councilwoman Rebecca Williams, the only openly gay member of the governing body.
Councilwoman Gloria Taylor
Father Gideon of Grace Episcopal Church
Siddeeq El-Amin and Faheemah El-Amin
Rev. Damaris Ortega of United Church of Christ Congregational
A very diverse crowd applauded the speakers.
A PAAAS student sang "Somewhere (There's a Place for Us)"
Attendees and speakers read aloud the names of the 49 people who were killed in Orlando.



  1. My heartfelt condolences goes out to all those families who lost love ones in Orlando. We lost lives due to gun violence here in the city of Plainfield as recent as three weeks ago and we had a vigil and peace rally against LOCAL gun violence and the elected officials who stood up and took a stand against Gun violence. Was nowhere around or to be found. To the elected officials of the city of Plainfield. Remember All LIVES MATTER, Even the Black and Latino one here in the city of Plainfield. Striving for peace and progress for all.
    Mr. X

    1. I am posting for Richard Stewart, who said he could not get through. His words:
      I have to agree 100% with Mr. X. First of all, condolences and sympathies to the lives lost in Orlando.

      However, lives were lost in the city to gun violence recently too. Condolences and sympathies to those lives lost as well. The city did not organize a rally for those lives. Officials did not come out to mourn their lives.

      I think it’s very disrespectful to the families of the slain Plainfielders to see local officials express such open support for strangers of a tragedy thousand miles away. But for lives slain a few blocks away from where they live you get public statements like:

      “I am not focusing on the negatives” and "There are murders in every city..."

      Don't focus on the negative only when it provides good photo ops and political press. If there are murders in every consist in your apathy.

    2. If they gang bangers why cry for them.

    3. It would appear that Richard Stewart is as confused living in Phili as he was living in Plainfield. The city didn't organize the vigil on Friday, a local LGBT group with a permit was responsible.

  2. This was a nice event and moving. I do wish speakers would have been given a time limit, but nevertheless, it was a great time with a good turnout for Plainfield. Most of the speakers were on point and helped express our feelings about the events in Orlando.

  3. Weep with them that weep ...

    Roman 12:15b