Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Look for Church Garden

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The church garden on East Sixth Street has some interesting additions this year. Around the border are some Great Mullein plants in their first-year rosette form. The leaves have many uses in herbal medicine. Next year, tall stalks with yellow flowers will grow if the basal leaves are not all used up for home cures.
The garden has lots of vegetables, well-protected with fencing. Tomatoes and callaloo have been annual favorites.
Thyme abounds and also has many medicinal uses as well as being a culinary star, especially in Jamaican cooking.
A new scarecrow is on the job, much scarier than the old one.
Here's a close-up. (See gardener Lascelles Walter with the old scarecrow in this 2011 photo.)
 This scarecrow appears to have a formidable video game character's name on his sweatpants.

Sunflower seedlings are sprouting along the inside of the fence, promising a showy border as seen in this 2010 post on the Bethel Presbyterian Church garden. The church shares its garden produce with seniors and nursing homes.



  1. Whatever happened to the garden on liberty and west second st? And is that a city property.

  2. A Westfield company was supposed to develop that lot but failed. I think it is back on the city property rolls. It was a very nice garden back in the day.