Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two "In Need of Redevelopment" Hearings Tonight

The Planning Board has two public hearings tonight (Thursday, June 16) on "in need of redevelopment" reports.

According to the agenda, one is a draft "Area in Need of Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Preliminary Investigation Report" on the Edward P. Paul building at 501-637 South Avenue and the Royal Apex building at 639-661 South Avenue. The Edward P. Paul company made furniture and the Royal Apex company made building products.

The other hearing  is on an "In Need of Redevelopment Investigation Report" on a large swath of North Avenue between Leland Avenue and Berckman Street (outlined in orange above). The City Council approved the investigation in February.

Steps in the development process go back and forth between the Planning Board and governing body. Once a site is found to be in need of redevelopment, the council may ask the Planning Board to come up with a redevelopment plan.It is an arduous process, but necessary to make sure new development is in keeping with the city's master plan.

The Planning Board meeting is 7:30 p.m. tonight in City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Ave.



  1. Why is a study being done on a building that is being renovated at this time namely Royal Apex

    1. The Planning Board removed it from the study Thursday and said the owners will be seeking final site plan approval.