Saturday, June 11, 2016

Eric Jackson Visits City Hall

In City Hall Friday, I was so happy to encounter Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson. Formerly the director of Public Works & Urban Development in Plainfield from September 2011 through June 2014,  Jackson collaborated with Public Works Superintendent John Louise on a new look for City Hall, inside and out. 

If you are anywhere near the building this spring or summer, take a look at the Roses and Coreopsis in bloom in front of the building and the Yew hedge that is coming back.

June 2015

March 2013
Plans first called for removal of the Yew hedge seen above, but members of the Shade Tree Commission and Historic Preservation Commission fought for pruning instead.
April 2013
May 2013, Eric Jackson and John Louise with glass panels for lamps
New benches, 2013
Yews and Roses, 2016

I was so pleased to see Eric Jackson again and told him I think of him every time I visit City Hall. Over three decades of covering Plainfield, he stands out in my memory as both a very professional administrator and a warm-hearted friend to the Queen City.



  1. So glad he came to visit. He was wonderful in his job.

  2. I believe that Trenton is fairing well under his leadership. He did an incredible job while serving Plainfield.