Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bicycle Races Sunday

This is a press release from Chief of Staff John Stewart

New Jersey State Bicycle Championships Comes to Plainfield!

Plainfield, NJ – June 20, 2016 – The State Bicycle Championships Committee has chosen

Plainfield to host it's annual championship competition.

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, the best cyclists in the State of New Jersey and surrounding

regions will meet in the City of Plainfield to compete for the 2016 New Jersey State Bicycle

Championship titles. The race will begin at 9AM in front of Plainfield City Hall on

Watchung Avenue and will end at 4PM.

The main race will feature notable riders such as Juan Pablo Jimenez-State Champion (from

Plainfield), Nilson Ruiz-State Champion, Joe Saling- Multi National Champion, Matt

Diefenbach- World Match Sprint Champion, Gil Hatton-World Track Keirin Champion,

Colleen Gullick-Professional Woman Cyclist and Greg Cordasco - Multi State and Regional

Champion, National Silver Medalist

Chief of Staff John Stewart said, "We are excited to host the NJ State Bicycle

Championships. This is a great opportunity for the City Of Plainfield and will provide

exposure to our great city and our local businesses."

In addition to the main race there will be races open to Plainfield public school students, and

the first 60 to sign up will receive free bikes. The one day event will bring 600 visitors and

race enthusiasts to the City of Plainfield

Regarding the upcoming event, Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp had this to say; "This event

not only provides opportunity for our local businesses to gain extra revenue, but it serves to

expose our youth to the positive benefits of engaging in a sport like cycling. As important

however, is the opportunity for Plainfield to shine, it will serve to highlight what a great

place Plainfield is for showcasing events such as these"

All residents are encouraged to come out to support the cyclists and witness this fun

sporting event, whose categories run the gamut from professional to amateur. Businesses are

being encouraged to remain open and take advantage of the opportunities created by this


For More Information visit the official Facebook Page

(https://www.facebook.com/The-New- Jersey-State- Bicycle-Championships-


Cycling Athletes Click Here to Register for the Race

 ( https://www.bikereg.com/the-new- jersey-state- bicycle-championships- criterium)

Visit the City of Plainfield website or Facebook page for more information

on the course, list of EMS locations, parking lots, Porto-pots, police etc.

Website: http://www.plainfieldnj.gov

Facebook: @cityofplainfieldnj

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