Sunday, June 26, 2016

Can't Get Around Much Any More

2008 - The 1991 Ford Escort leaves the building

No doubt readers have heard me grumbling about meetings too far to go on foot. I was without a functioning car from 2006 to 2008, when I gave the vehicle away and went car-less in the Transit Village.

For many years, I preached and practiced walkability, which worked for going to City Hall, Municipal Court, Plainfield Public Library, Plainfield High School and downtown for meetings and events. After Dr. Steve Gallon III moved the meeting location and administration offices to the former Jefferson School, I found it difficult to cover board meetings. Wait time for taxis back and forth became a factor and the addition of student presentations drew meetings out to near midnight sometimes.

Recently I tried again, now that the meetings are closer to where I live. They are still rather tedious, but news does emerge. Unfortunately, they can conflict with Tuesday City Council meetings due to Monday federal holidays. I also perceive walking to Municipal Court as safer than walking from Park & Seventh to and from the PHS cafeteria in the dark. The west side of the library and Library Park itself have too many loiterers to suit this elderly pedestrian.

Both the school board and council have pledged to hold meetings in venues across the four wards this year. We shall see how that works out. My experience with town meetings in the four wards is that the same interested citizens show up at each one, along with a handful of ward residents. But obviously it is my problem.if I find it hard to get to various locations for meetings. Sometimes I just won't be able to go.

My blog and Dan's are the only ones with daily posts and now Dan has dropped Saturday posting. It is a challenge to cover meetings, but with news outlets no longer covering them, it has been up to bloggers to do so. As a retiree since 2003, living in close proximity to City Hall, I have an advantage in gathering information on municipal government and land use boards, my main interests. Around 2011, there were 30 bloggers of all ages and backgrounds writing about Plainfield, but the workload drove many away. I hope some new, younger people will decide to give it a try. David Rutherford does a great job and has introduced videos as well.

Meanwhile, I will try to alert Plainfielders to meetings so they can monitor what elected and appointed officials are up to, whether I can go or not. Stay tuned.



  1. It's gonna be a long walk when they move the whole government over to the old hospital site as is being pushed- talk about you can't get there from here ...
    Be careful whatever you do

  2. You will never know how much your dedication to this city is appreciated. Thank you so much for keeping us informed.