Saturday, June 25, 2016

Run Errands Today, Streets Closed Sunday

If you are in the closed-off zone for tomorrow's bicycle race event, make sure you do all your errands today. The affected streets will be closed basically all day. This notice says 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Other advisory say closings start at 8 a.m.  Either way, detours are on the menu for drivers Sunday.

I gave up my car in 2008 and consider myself an advocate for walkability, so I will not be impacted by the street closures as much as others, though even a short walk to the Twin City plaza may be affected. 
Luckily for me, I have a large backlog of housework (which I hate) and yard work (which I love). Sometimes I have to make yard work my reward for doing housework. So after cleaning up inside, I will get to pull weeds and observe my six-legged buddies like the little Praying Mantis pictured above (click to enlarge image).

I will also be able to look down the driveway and see the cyclists zooming by in the 1.1 mile loop around the center of the city. Good luck to all!



  1. Bernice, Thank you for your hard work and giving of your free time to blog. If it were not for you we would not know what was going on around town. Not ONE Council member or the Mayors Blog said one word about this Sundays bike race.

    1. It is on the mayor's weekly message with a map and other information.

    2. It's just the ghosts of Sharon still talking!!!

  2. Who's idea was this bike race? If awards are being given out at 11am then why keep the streets blocked till 5pm? If it was such an important event then why didn't the Mayor put out information on his blog? Can just anyone ride their bike around on Sunday?

    1. Cyclists had to register and the information is on the city website as well as the mayor's weekly message.

  3. Actually, I got most of my information from the city website,
    The information is on the front page. Also, I have received two or three Nixle calls about it. At the top right of the city website there is a link, Stay Connected, that anyone can use to get official messages. Sign up!

  4. Hardly a naysayer, and THRILLED we have something like "the bike race" here in Plainfield.. not so thrilling ?? TRAFFIC
    - awesome job at closing streets
    - epic fail --- Stationing traffic cops at all the OTHER INTERSECTIONS that NEVER receive this type of traffic so therefor things like traffic signals, and stops signs do NOTHING for any type of traffic flow
    - NJ TRANSIT... say what you want, ( and everyone in Plainfield can CLAIM NJ Transit was notified ) but the back streets of Prospect Heights is NOT on an "alternate" traffic route for getting around West 7th and Watchung Avenue ... Planning and execution are key to a successful event of any size. Buses were meandering throughout all sorts of neighborhoods well off the beaten path. These drivers did not know where they were going.

    as I said, not a naysayer by any means but very little regard given to anyone who is FORCED and there are people who are required to be out on a Sunday as not everyone has a 9-5 Monday - Friday job sitting in City Hall.
    Accept the 1000 lashes with the wet noodle Mayor Mapp... think beyond the event and think about the effect it has across the city. There isn't a neighborhood block party in NYC that doesn't have traffic cops on hand to manage the residual traffic flow affecting surrounding areas in NYC.

    1. Rob - not sure if it is the overuse of punctuation or its incorrect placement but this is almost incoherent.

    2. ok....
      Let's try it in flash mode...
      - Bike race : WOW, AWESOME
      - Traffic: ZERO PLANNING, Police officers leaning against traffic barriers, no one directing traffic at all the major affected intersections
      - NJ Transit: buses meandering through non-thorough fare streets in neighborhoods well off the beaten path
      - PLANNING: I'm sure someone did, somewhere, at some point, to some degree
      ... simple enough for you ?

  5. The event planner for today should be FIRED and made to apologize to every merchant who lost money today. The event planner lied about merchants being able to park in the Park Madison garage. THE GATE WAS CLOSED! No one was able to get to downtown that usually comes downtown today. Very sad day for the merchants.