Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kayaks Turning Up in City

Walking home from Tuesday's City Council meeting, I was surprised to see a couple of kayaks on top of a car. Some new neighbors on Block 832 also have a kayak. Could a trend be starting in the Queen City?
Instead of standing in traffic to document this sight, I got back on the sidewalk just as some men were approaching.
"That's mine," said Dickson Camilo, in the white shirt. He said he has been kayaking for three years.
Asked where he goes kayaking, he said, "Anywhere - anywhere there's water."

The two kayaks were on a car rack that he described as "the Number One rack in Australia." He said he found it at AutoAnything.

He gets going in Spring "as soon as the water is melted," he said, although on one very hot day this Spring, he was so happy to get to his favorite lake, only to find it was still frozen.

Camilo mentioned Mount Olive as a favorite destination for kayaking. To discover more locations, see Kayaking in New Jersey.

REI has a Getting Started Kayaking website if you would like to share Camilo's enthusiasm for this fun activity.


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  1. Great observation, Bernice. I noticed that when I walked home from a meeting at City Hall last night around 9 p.m. I'm not sure I would leave such items out in the open if they weren't locked down.

    Some kids have started a petition to get a skateboarding park in Plainfield. FYI. I've been talking about this to Council members for over a year now. We need to get these kids off the streets and into a safer area to enjoy their sport. Thanks.